Gravely "Legendary L" Tractor

Gravely "L" Tractor

Presented here is the 1:12th scale Gravely "Legendary L" tractor. The model is an amazing replica of a small walk behind self propelled tractor with weed mowing attachment. The handles feature simulated rubber grips with fully functioning side mounted levers operating wire controlled forward/reverse and throttle controls located on the engine.

Gravely "L" Tractor

The fully replicated 6.6 hp gasoline engine features a belt drive with rotating cooling fan behind the protective grill. It is amazing that turning the main pulley wheel actually operates the fan and is another enample of the amazing level of detail on this model. The simulated sediment filter is also reproduced below the fuel tank while the engine cover can be lifted to reveal the engine details within.

Gravely "L" Tractor      Gravely "L" Tractor

The AC oil filter, Zenith carburetor, magneto and oil bath air cleaner are all fully reproduced inside the engine compartment, complete with the single spark plug fitted to the top of the engine manifold

Gravely "L" Tractor

The freely rotating wheels are fitted with authentic rubber tyres complete with intricate tread pattern while the wheel hubs have a six spoke ribbed pattern with bolt head detailing.

Gravely "L" Tractor     Gravely "L" Tractor

The cutter head is a one piece casting with tooth, cutter bar and bolt detail all present. The head of the cutter assembly has a simulated back and forth linkage bar which would move side to side on the real machine to move the cutting bar and the gear housing is also highly detailed.

Gravely "L" Tractor

The model is packaged in a two piece polystyrene box with outer cardboard box printed with graphics and a history of the Gravely company. A reproduced miniature instruction manual is supplied which gives details of the 'Legendary L" tractor and an anniversary metal badge celebrating 90 years of the company (1916-2006) with magnetic back plate is also enclosed.

Model Specifications

Model Dimensions

Length: 7" / 178mm
Width: 3.5" / 89mm
Height: 3.185" / 81mm
Weight: 0.4 lbs / 0.18 kg

Box Dimensions

Length: 9" / 229mm
Width: 5" / 127mm
Height: 3.75" / 95mm

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