Manitowoc Model 555 Tracked Crane

Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Manitowoc Model 555 crawler crane with two boom sets. The model was originally produced by CCM and the updated model from TWH has the original boom along with a brand new boom which is connected together with the supplied screws. The main body is a little different to the original CCM version in the colouring of the walkways which are black / silver on the version presented here and red / silver on the original version.

Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane

The new boom consists of a fixed jib, main boom sections and highly detailed boom base, complete with two winch drums and fold down support. The original booms were held together with small metal clips and relied on pins on each corner fitting into the holes on the other section to connect. The new boom uses small philips head screws which give the boom a much more robust and stable connection.

Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane

The A frame on the crane is already rigged straight out of the box which is very welcome and allows the model to be quickly assembled. The cab is also separate to allow access to connect the boom to the body using two screws. The highly detailed cab frame, complete with grab rails, front and roof mounted wind screen wipers and rear mounted beacon then slots onto the platform and uses friction to stay in place.

Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane

The undercarriage of the model has silver painted walkways all the way round the base along with large counterweight blocks cast into the frame between the tracks. The tracks themselves are sprung loaded and feature authentic individual linked metal pads.

Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane

The body panel behind the cab opens to give access to the two main winches and rear A-frame winch. The large radiator grill is also found on the cab side while the interior has a detailed engine block and pre-strung winch drums. The drums have a locking mechanism to prevent them rotating on their own which is a good idea, requiring gentle pressure on the winding key to release.

Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane

The new boom tip is finely detailed with freely rotating shieves and a fixed jib. The boom is connected to the A frame with metal pendant lines and small screws which give the model a much more refined appearance. The jib back frame has rope cables already riveted in place which require fixing to the main boom to keep the jib in position.

Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane

The rear of the model has a one piece cast counterweight consisting of hexagonal shaped weights and simulated lifting cylinders. It is a shame these were not individual pieces that could have been removed considering the amount of detail everywhere else on the model, although this is the same casting as the original CCM version so would probably have had a high re-tooling cost to change it.

Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane

The model is supplied with the original four shieve load block and also a new three shieve load block which is a much more defined casting with better quality paint finish. There is also a headacke ball provided for the whip line.

The paint finish on the model is excellent with accurately reproduced Manitowoc markings on the side panels and boom tip along with the Manitowoc name cast into the main body on both sides.

The model is packaged in a polystyrene box with top tray holding the new boom components with the original boom components and main body in the lower compartment.

The outer cardboard box is printed in the red and black corporate Manitowoc colours and there is a full colour 51 page book detailing the technical specifications and boom configurations of the crane along with comprehensive step by step model assembly details.

Model Specifications

Model Dimensions

Length of carbody: 7.25" / 184mm
Boom length: 40" / 1016mm
Width: 4.5" / 114mm
Weight: 3.95 lbs / 1.79Kg

Box Dimensions

Length: 13.5" / 343mm
Width: 11.625" / 295mm
Height: 7.375" / 187mm

Versions Produced

Manitowoc Red


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