Manitowoc 16000 Crawler Crane

Manitowoc 16000

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Manitowoc 16000 crawler crane. This is the second large crawler crane released by TWH and it is another stunning model with tons of detail.

Manitowoc 16000

The counterweight slabs are the same size as the ones supplied with the 18000 and there are seven per side with one permanently fitted to the counterweight tray. The "Vision" cab, complete with walkway and access step is separate in the box and needs fixing to the body with the supplied screw.

The model consists of five 40' boom sections, one 20' boom section, the boom butt, boom top and No58 extended upper boom. Simulated wooded strips are fitted to the lattice sections and screws are used to connect the boom sections together. The brass booms are sturdy and well constructed with the use of screws giving a solid connection which is good considering the height of the model when fully assembled.

Manitowoc 16000

The main carbody has a host of details including swing out and rotating hydraulic jacks that would be used to self assemble the crane when it is being transported in it's undecked configuration. Flexible hydraulic hoses are visible all round the carbody and the twin slewing motors are mounted between the boom mounting points.

Manitowoc 16000

The twin exhaust stacks raise from the engine compartment and radiator grills are visible in front of the rear winch. The undercarriage and carbody is fully assembled out of the box including the mesh walkways, central and outer counterweight sections, and main body.

Manitowoc 16000

The individually linked tensioned metal tracks are highly detailed and the track frames have swing out poles and lifting shackles just like on the real machine. The use of mesh grills for the walkways and platform give the model a much more refined look and end fitting access steps are provided in the box which need fitting to the undercarriage.

Manitowoc 16000

The operators cab features a sliding door, windscreen wipers on both front and roof windows, grab rails and rear view mirror. The platform the cab is mounted to has a mesh walkway and access step with tilt mechanism allowing the cab to tilt backwards by about 45 degree although the mechanism is quite stiff.

Manitowoc 16000

The rear frame which connects to the top of the boom is pre rigged out of the box and the winch can be rotated using your thumb or by inserting the supplied winding key. The tension is sufficient to keep the boom in the raised position without the need for a braking mechanism. The main load block winch is mounted into the boom butt and has flexible hydraulic hoses fitted which need to be connected to the carbody during assembly. The whip line winch is mounted inside the carbody and a supplied winding key is used to wind the drum.

Manitowoc 16000

The paint finish is excellent in the corporate Manitowoc Black and Red colour scheme with all markings clearly defined. The model is packaged in a polystyrene box with printed outer cardboard box.

The 40 page book supplied with the model gives full specifications and configurations of the real 16000 crane along with a part list and fully comprehensive set of instructions on how to assemble and rig the model. Each step is explained and clearly shown with full colour pictures.

The model is supplied with a small toolkit consisting of scissors, pliers, screwdriver, tweezers, straight and curved needle, a tube of super glue and a pair of gloves, all mounted in a clear plastic container.

Model Specifications

Model Dimensions

Length of carbody: 10.25" / 260mm
Boom length: 71" / 1803mm
Width: 6.75" / 171mm
Weight: 9.55 lbs / 4.33Kg

Box Dimensions

Length: 22" / 559mm
Width: 14.25" / 362mm
Height: 6.75" / 171mm

Versions Produced

Manitowoc Red, Dielco and Kiewit

16000 in Dielco Livery                                                     16000 in Kiewit Livery


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